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A collection of 13 songs
from our earliest years
together performed in
small clubs, bars, cafes,
and coffee houses!

    1. MISSISSIPPI (J. Phillips) 3:15 
    2. PHANTOM LOVER (G. Reilly) 2:34 
    3. PROPINQUITY (M. Nesmith) 2:40 
    4. SONGS (G. Reilly) 4:05
    5. SOME OF SHELLY'S BLUES (M. Nesmith) 2:15
    6. FRANKLIN HOTEL (G. Reilly) 2:24 
    7. ONLY YOU KNOW AND I KNOW (D. Mason) 3:08
    8. SHADOWS, MEMORIES (J. Comanor) 3:12
    9. THE LOVING TRAIL (B. Phillips) 4:24
  10. ANY DAY WOMAN (P. Siebel) 2:16
  11. HESITATION BLUES (traditional) 3:08 
  12. SOME KIND OF LOVE (A. Stuart) 2:55
  13. OUR SONG (D. Maloney) 3:15
These songs were captured "live" by loyal fans and have been restored from the
original reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes. We are hopeful these songs offer a fresh and affecting glimpse into our work and our partnership... a jouney of care and commitment as well as love and growth.
vocals and guitars: Ginny Reilly and David Maloney
stand up acoustic base: Bruce Maurier
production, engineering, restoration, and mastering:
Paul Tumolo, Wild Plum Recording, Oakland, CA
graphics and package design: Tebby George

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without written permission from the artists.
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