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  1. IT'S HOW YOU FEEL IN YOUR HEART (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:58 · 
  2. THE BUMPITY BRIDGE (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:02 · 
  3. MY BIG GREEN HAT (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:05
  4. HABITAT (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:29 · 
  5. MY DOG (T. Dundee) BMI - 3:19
  6. DANNY, DANNY (D. Maloney) BMI - 4:03
  7. THE KNOCK KNOCK SONG (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:43
  8. TIME MACHINE (D. Maloney) BMI - 4:31
  9. TOPPER HAD MATCHES (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:28
10. THE ALPHABET TRAIL (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:20
11. STEEL WHEELS ROLLIN' (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:02
12. GROCERY STORE (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:23
13. THE LAUNDRY (D. Maloney) BMI - 1:44
14. THE BUTTERFLY SONG (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:17
15. THE LIBRARY (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:01
16. ANIMAL SHENANIGANS (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:55
17. IMAGINATION (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:46 · 

The Players:

David Maloney -
vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo, electric guitar, jaw's harp
Ed Sherry -
Dobro, mandolin, banjo (Steel Wheels Rollin')
Art Khu - keyboards
David R. -
bass guitars, harmonicas, kick drum, mini conga

The Singers:

Chase Baldocchi
(Solo Track #1)
Emily Woodwood
Morgan Kelley
Will Baldocchi


David R. & David M. -
background vocals
David M. -
whistling & mouth trombone

Produced by David Maloney and David R.

Engineered and mixed by David R. at On The Moon Studio, San Francisco

Photography by Lori Doton, San Francisco

Graphics and album design by RC Williams, San Francisco

My heartfelt thanks for the talents and bright spirits of Lori Dotson, R.C. Williams and brother David R. Thanks also to my longtime pal Tom Dundee, out of Chicago ...as fine a tunesmith as I've ever known.

As the years have flown and I have grown, gratitude has become my mantra. With enduring love from my grateful heart, I dedicate this work to the two great loves of my life, Tebby George and Danny Maloney.

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