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Side 1:

  1. BRAND NEW LIGHT (D. Maloney) BMI - 4:39 · 
  2. CALEDONIA (D. MacLean) Plant Life Music, Ltd. - 4:44 · 
  3. BAILEY'S BARN (D. Maloney) BMI - 6:37 · 
  4. DARK EYED LADY (D. Maloney) BMI - 4:05
  6. EMILY'S BACK (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:09

Side 2:

  1. LISTEN TO THE PIPES (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:55
  2. IF WISHES WERE FISHES (E. BOGLE) Plant Life Music, Ltd. - 3:37
  3. RIGHT LANE MAN (T. Dundee) BMI - 3:42
  4. THE FIGHT (D. Maloney) BMI - 2:40
  5. I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GO (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:21
  6. WAITING FOR THE DOVE (D. Maloney) BMI - 3:03


David Maloney - vocals, acoustic guitar
David Rea - acoustic and electric guitars, banjo
Robin Sylvester - bass
Bill Hendrickson - drums and percussion
Rosie Gaines - vocals (Brand New Light)
Phil Aaberg - piano and synthesizer
Wilson Dyer - electric guitar
Chris Caswell - baroque flute, highland bagpipes and pennywhistle
James Jacobs - recorder
Joe Goldmark - pedal steel
Steve Gurr - harmonica
Ginny Reilly - duet vocal (Dark Eyed Lady); harmony vocal (Emily's Back)
Ron Wilson - congas
Bob Stohl - flute
Kat Epple - flute
Danny Carnahan - violin
Kathleen Ortiz - clarinet
Larry Batiste - trombone
Dean Boysen - trumpet

Produced by Neil J. Young and David Maloney

Engineering and Production Assistance by Wilson Dyer

Executive Producer and Production Assistance - Jim Lamberson

Mixed by Wilson Dyer, Neil J. Young and David Maloney

Recorded and mixed at Outback Studio, Oakland, CA

Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA

Cover Photography - Mary Bishopp

Cover Design - Jim Lamberson

Cover Assistance - Susan Brody

Thanks as always to Tebby George. Thanks again to Bill, Robin, and David Rea
for such generous and creative contributions to the music.
Special thanks to the following people for continuous support during
the long course of making this record: Jane Metcalfe, Rebecca Maloney,
Judith Ann Morel, Valerie Rogers, the amazing Wilson Dyer,
and Neil Jay Young for belief that never sleeps.

Notes from Listen to the Pipes...

  Bailey's Barn - "A bushel of memories and a half-cup of wisdom."
  Emily's Back - "With a two-year-old around ... there's action!."
  Listen to the Pipes - "This came through when I stopped running
        from the silence inside me."
  Right Lane Man - "Tom showed me this tune in a motel room in
        Coos Bay, Oregon over a pint of Old Crow."
  The Fight - "I have a friend who says, 'Everyday is a workshop.'
        This one happened to be a night class."
  I Never Thought I'd Go - "Could death be just a change of lifestyle?"
  Waiting for the Dove - "A response to the declaration of martial law
        in Poland, December 13, 1981."

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