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Restored from the original LPs
(Good Company, Everyday, Profiles)

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  1. NO MOUNTAINS (Mike Jordan) 2:45 · 
  2. HOLDING (G. Reilly) 3:47 · 
  3. ALL DRESSED UP TO DREAM (D. Maloney) 4:53
  4. THE ELEPHANT SONG (G. Reilly) 2:42
  5. THE PHARAOH SONG (D. Maloney) 3:19
  6. HELLO MY HEART (Tom Dundee) 3:24
(D. Maloney) 4:30
  8. THE COURTING SONG (G. Reilly) 2:46
  9. CANDLELIGHT NIGHTS (D. Maloney) 2:58
10. LULLABY (When You Come Out to Play) (G. Reilly) 2:34
11. BABY OF MINE (G. Reilly) 2:41
12. FIRST BORN SON (Kate McGarrigle) 3:23 · 
13. SWEET TOOTH (G. Reilly) 2:51
14. YOU CAN COUNT ON ANNIE (D. Maloney) 4:46
15. SOMEBODY NICE (G. Reilly) 3:05
16. STONEY LONESOME (D. Maloney) 3:18
17. MY OWN BLUES (G. Reilly) 3:10
18. DEMON RUM (D. Maloney) 3:33
19. PIECES OF DREAMS (Little Boy Lost) (Michel Legrand, Marilyn & Alan Bergman) 3:11
20. AMANDA CAME TO DANCE (D. Maloney) 4:52
21. BAD OLD DAYS (Tom Paxton) 3:47


Ginny Reilly - vocals, acoustic guitar
David Maloney - vocals, acoustic guitar
Cary Black, Garrett Smith, Rob Moitoza - bass
Rick Johnson - drums
Tim Gorman, Murl Alan Sanders - piano, accordion, keyboards
David Rea, Bruce Lofgren, John Morton, Curley Cooke, Roger Ferguson - guitars
Roger Ferguson - mandolin
Marty Lepore - Dobro
Gary Ballard - banjo
Billy Hults - washboard
Dick Powell, Danny Deardorf - harmonica
Bryan Bowers - autoharp
Terry Lauber, Chris Middaugh - pedal steel
Michael Spiro, Tim Killeen - percussion
Tim Gorman, Denise Roselle, Frantique - background vocals
Vivian Williams - fiddle
Terri Benshoff - solo cello, string section
Bill Boyd, Ella Gray, Tom Djiekonski, Tim Killeen - string section
David Jackson - keyboards, all string arrangements

Produced by:
David Maloney & Ginny Reilly (3,4,6,9,10,11,13,14,21)
Buzz Richmond (1,2,5,7,8,12,15,16,17,18,19,20)

Engineered by:
John Nelson, Tim Killeen, Buzz Richmond

Recorded and Mixed at:
Crow Recording, Seattle, WA
Bear Creek Studios, Woodinville, WA

Digitally Remastered May 2006 by:
Jim Stephens, Deep Sky Audio, Vale, NC

Mary Bishopp, Tebby George

Jim Lamberson

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