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Reilly & Maloney:
The Club Years

A collection of 13 songs performed in small clubs, bars, cafes, and coffee houses
fall 2015
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To Friends of Reilly & Maloney:

I feel like the time is right for me to share with you my journey since December 2014.

I was diagnosed with a type of leukemia called “hairy cell”….talk about a quirky name, eh? It’s a slow growing blood cancer that, in time, crowds out the white blood cells and then the red cells and eventually the platelets.

I fell victim to a devastating case of fungal pneumonia in March, most likely because of my compromised immune system.

I am regaining my strength and have recently had a bone marrow biopsy as a baseline before I begin a short course of chemical therapy on July 6th.

Hairy Cell Leukemia is extremely rare (one in a million) and also very treatable.

So, dear friends, I expect to return to a full and robust life in the years ahead and Ginny and I are discussing a revival of our partnership, possibly in early 2016.

That’s the scoop…loving thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

~ David

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